Fee Schedule

Description Duration Fee
First office visit 1½ hours $145
Follow-up visit ½ hour $45
Follow-up visit 1 hour $80
Follow-up visit 1½ hours $108
2 treatments per week 2 X 1 hour $140
3 treatments per week 3 X 1 hour $180
Series of 5 treatments 5 X 1 hour $375
Series of 10 treatments 10X1 hour $700
Cosmetic Acupuncture 1 hour $95
Cosmetic Package 10 treatments $800

Patient Confidentiality

Your right to privacy and confidentiality are very important to us.  All information that you provide to us will be held in strict confidence.  We will not release any information without written permission from the individual or responsible party.  We will keep confidential whatever we are privileged to witness, whether professionally or privately.

You are held here at the Longmont Healing Arts Clinic in complete safety and confidentiality.  Our walls and our practitioners listen and let go.